Common problems and solutions

PROBLEM: I can't download audio records to the computer

  • SOLUTION: Sign in to your account and from menu choose "Call Recording Details" (in … version "…"). You will see log of all calls and next to each one of them there is "Play" and "Download". Right click on "Download", from menu choose "Save as" and select final destionation on your computer where you want to save that file.

PROBLEM: I can't play downloaded files

  • CAUSE: You don’t use correct player.
    To listen to your audio files you need to use GOM Player (download here). Once it is installed open the programe, press CTRL+O and choose a file that you want to play.

PROBLEM: GPS localization feature doesn’t track phone's location

  • CAUSE: Phone's GPS feature is turned off.
    Localization feature uses information coming from phone's GPS feature. Logically, if the GPS feature is turned off, the app cannot use it. The surveillance app cannot activate it automatically because that would mean that GPS icon is displayed as working and this could be suspicious. At this situation you can at least use backup option "Cell location" (Lokalizacja telefonu) that provides approximate position derived from the phone operators' towers.

PROBLEM: Data on my account dissapeared, can I get them back?

  • CAUSE: Server does not serve as a repository and data are once in a while deleted. Make sure you download important data to your computer. Once they are deleted it is not possible to recover them.

PROBLEM: There are no more data uploaded to my account

  • CAUSE 1: Phone is not online
    Phone is out of signal or the data service is turned off. Once the phone is not online it is impossible to upload data to your account.
  • CAUSE 2: The app was deleted
    In such a case you need to install the app again.

PROBLEM: After several seconds, error message covers the map in GPS localization feature in your account.

  • CAUSE: Google blocks websites that links to it systematically
    Before we reach an agreement with Google you either need to check the location quickly before the error message pops up or simply copy coordinates from "Latitude" into, insert space, add "Longitude" and press enter.


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